Mission and Values

Habesha Networks (HN) is a grassroots non-profit organization in multiple cities around the world committed to developing and implementing methods of connectivity and support between Habesha communities across the globe. With an emphasis on community development, philanthropy, thought leadership, and social and professional networking, our goal is to provide members resources while bridging the gaps and growing a stronger Habesha Network.


  • Create a positive and inclusive space for all Habesha people to network, build meaningful connections, and share knowledge.
  • Support and highlight Habesha people making change, growing businesses, and awesome events.
  • Mobilize and empower our community to do better together in order to keep culture and community alive.
  • Build a strong Habesha network with opportunities for engagement within the community.
  • Serve as a support system and resources for the community.
  • Connect and share resources for the global community.
  • Create capacity building for Habesha community in order to strive.
  • Encourage the importance of cultural knowledge and connection.


Habesha Networks was founded In 2017 by Melate Bekele, who saw an opportunity to solve challenges facing the Ethiopian and Eritrean communities. Melate’s goal was to use Habesha Networks as a vehicle to continue to mobilize and empower the community to do better together. She envisions Habesha Networks to be the community hub around the world and becomes the  glue to its members.

We believe that being connected to a culture as rich and beautiful as the Habesha cultures is an incredible privilege. We consider serving the members of this community a a personal social responsibility for the advancement of this exact culture. Since the inaugural Habesha Networks Global Brunch in 2017,, Habesha Networks has grown to a community of over 5000  where opportunities, ideas, relationships, and information are shared across the world.

Who We Are:

    • An inclusive for-purpose non-profit focused on our community
    • A safe space for all members of our community to be themselves

    • A vehicle for the advancement and advocacy of Habesha communities around the world

    • We are professional and courteous

    • We are uplifting to all of our members

    • We are creative

Connect With Us

Each event is different

    • Professional Networking & Development
    • Volunteering and giving back opportunity – Local and abroad efforts
    • Community engagement activities together (similar to Meet-Up)
      • Concerts or Festivals
      • BBQ’s
      • Physical Activities – Hiking, walks or group workouts
    • Cultural knowledge ( i.e. language, tradition, faith based events)

Habesha networks’ benefits

    • To provide opportunities and programs for participants to engage to sponsor, host and/or participate in events and activities that promote the sport habeshas

    • Networking events & engagement with community

    • Community engagement activities together (i.e. Meet-Up for Concert or festivals, BBQ’s, Physical Activity/fitness exercises) Annual Gala

    • Platform that celebrates Habesha culture: cultural knowledge ( i.e. language, traditional holidays)

    • Connect local and global networks

    • Create Philanthropic opportunities to local and native counties impact

    • Volunteer Experience

    • Business Directory – by city

    • Professional development seminars and workshop

    • Business & individual spotlights

    • Newsletters

    • Conferences

      • Mentorship programs

    • Discount to events and businesses


    • Build a strong network and engagement with the community
    • Serve as a support system and resources for the community and its members
    • Connect local and abroad resources
    • Encourage and highlight the importance of cultural knowledge and connection
    • Be the community connector and culture hub


    • Inclusive space for all and celebrating differences
    • Integrity to our members and community
    • We believe there is a place for everyone in the community